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Blogger Kick Start
Tuesday, May 15, 2007
Editor UjangMD:: Seriuosly, Ujang dah cakap awal-awal buat entry yang betul-betul touching. Tengok silap langkah dah terus jatuh tersungkur. Ujang tak mahu membebel panjang.. jom kita lihat komen Advokat dan Hakim!!

Introduce Nurlea Laurielle

Before I begin, I nak take up this opportunity to thank Ujang MD and Kak Red Mummy kerana telah menjemput me jadi Advokat (juri jemputan) for their Blogger Kick Start Season 1 week 5. Terharu dirasakan jauh dalam lubuk hati ini. And my congratulations to Ujang MD especially, for coming up with the idea of this program. Hopefully, Season 2 ado la kan? :) And as for this week's topic, I setuju sangat as sepanjang minggu nih and up till end of the week May 13th, everything is all about Mom, Ibu, Umi, Mama, Mak, Emak, and all. So macam, mengena konsep lah and for that, I again, congratulate you ya...

And I would like to say that this week's assignment is rather, touching, If only the bloggers knows how to touch their readers with their entry (ies) - (note; touch tu bukan pegang nah! It's technically menyentuh jiwa raga bagai sajork; tiada sentuhan kulit sesama kulit diperlukan nah!). And I believe MOST of them did, no, not touch me, but touch my heart lah. Congratulations nahhh on that part.

I would also like to say that, this assignment, askin' 5 reasons why we should celebrate our Moms especially for Mothers Day May 13th (I think our moms are supposed to be celebrated, EVERYDAY... kan? Not just on May 13th Mothers Day, but everyday. Kalau they, the mothers, can be there for us, everyday, takkan nak celebrate them everyday by saying I LOVE YOU pun susoh bebenor, kan? Hiks!), has no RIGHT or WRONG points.

As said in the assignment's topic, there could easily be 1001 reasons for us to be forever grateful to moms. So when these bloggers said 5 most important reasons, I think, it's their personal points, and personal points for me, tak der maknenye betul ke salah ke tak sesuai ke hape.

What counts in these 6 bloggers assignment is definitely how they deliver their points and how it may influence us as readers (again, I strongly believe that, most of the contenders, managed to prove their points very influential and most of their stories moved me - DIE la drama queer in me, KAN? Sikit² moved, sikit² touched... Hiks!)

Enough with my 'award-acceptance-speech' ni, lets move on with my comments for these 6 talented bloggers. As much as I tried to jadik like Singa Betina mengaum semasa kasik komen, I guess, MEK TAK MAMPU! Hiks!

I like the way you write - very honest and truly came from your heart. The fact that you didn't use point forms to state the required 5 points, and instead, you used the different color schemes to actually differentiate the points, my my, what a very creative manner.
You started off with a very unique and interesting way of telling your readers what they need to know about your Mama. It touched me personally to think she actually went through all the troubles and etc - and by saying so you managed to prove that you can influence your reader’s emotions
And you ended your entry with a message, conveyed to every mother - not particularly to your Mama only, made me believe that your entry is not just about you, your Mama and your family, but a message to be spreaded out to everyone.
Good work! If by any chance you lead your way again to the top in this week's assignment, I have no objections and girl, am I not surprised at all! :)


Simple….i donno, reading your entry is not really touching my sick mood. Akak ko ni ha tengah berlebam-lebam muka so my heart should senang jer to be touched, but unfor, your entry is just way too ez for you. You take it as a day to day entry. Anw, I would like to be your guest of honor, jomlah ajak akak ko ni pi rumah ko, bila ko cakap boleh masak macam-macam gitu kan. But too bad, im still on diet for at least a year. Tahun depan ok?

UjangMD Bersuara:: Madam RED yang ko masukkan isu ko tu apasal?? FIRE!!!!

Kuden, personally, I would have to say that your headline, "BKS5::Buat Yang Melahirkan" was a bit too general. Mind you, this is only what I personally think about it. It draws people to think, "Why macam tergantung jer ayat tu, kan?” that is a notable mark. But on the other hand, I think that it would be much better if it would have been "BKS5::Buat Yang Melahirkan Kita" or "BKS5::Buat Yang Melahirkanku..." don't you think so?

Never mind about the headline - not that it is THAT important; although the headline is somewhat the reflection of the content I suppose. Anyways, getting back to your assignment.

The I, II, III point form thingy, that's a bit too normal. Nevertheless, the way you elaborated each point made me forget the normality of the I, II, III point form thingy. Owh did I mention the fact that you used "KAWAN" like, "TEMAN", as kata ganti diri to represent "Saya" or "Aku" or "Hem" or even, as what I normally used in my blog, "MEK" or "I OLS" - I kindda like, like it, you know? :)

Writing from your heart, personal experiences, is always a plus point. And indeed you got yourself those plus points as I believe the entry you wrote, about how you rebelled against your parents work field and all, it portrays the fact that you are not shy to let the world know you disagree with your parents. I'm sure some of us, try to show that they are the nicest kids to the world's greatest parents, by agreeing to every single little thing - but here, you showed that you, if I may use the word, HATE (D), (as stated in your entry point V - that you 'benci') - such a strong word to be used, but there you go, without hesitation, you used it to show and express your feelings. Which is good - no lies should be between your entry from the heart and to your readers. My kudos to you...

But as a whole - with not so much of graphics included, or colors to brighten up your entry, it made your entry looked, a bit dull. But not in terms of your content - it was a sure definite A for me.

Keep up the good work - try to play around with your reader’s visualizations and all - I'm sure you have no problem influencing their hearts to follow your entry's tempo. Good photos, graphic stuffs and all, can at times let readers be more interested in your entry... :)

Not that bad. I know all of you are talking good bout your mom, we are not allowed to talk bad things about our mom, buat apa? Apa guna? Apa tujuan? Kalau ada apapun salah silap mak kita, janganlah kita besarkan ke mata umum. So Kuden, I know Lea is not happy a bit with your entry, but let me just give you some space, I like your entry walaupun intipatinya kurang menyengat. You too, are in the same level as katarsis and rick.

Somehow when I read your assignment, this came up to my mind... "How come format assignment dia nih macam dah aku baca tadi ek? Sapa punya tatau?”

Yes, that’s the absolute truth. But, I didn't judge you from there - well, maybe, partially I did a bit, but overall, it's the way you deliver your points and how it may or may not affect me, not as a jury, but as a reader.

I like the way you expressed this... "Untuk assignment BKS ini, cukuplah aku nyatakan beberapa sebab untuk menzahirkan rasa appresiasi pada wanita yang terlalu istimewa dalam hidup aku".

We often hear people address their girlfriends as the most special woman in his/ their lives, and I personally would address my mom as the most influential woman in my life.

But the phrase "WANITA YANG TERLALU ISTIMEWA DALAM HIDUP AKU" - that is so touching!

Your points were nice; nicely put, nicely said - but there seems to be something lacking there, something, I don't know, maybe I was expecting a lot of visual aid and stuff. Owh but the "SEKEPING KAD UCAPAN" at the end of your entry, that was like, erm, enough said, I was moved (AGAIN!) And the fact that it is no ordinary greeting cards, your card not only holds the beautiful words to your mom, but also prayers you seek from God for your mom. It's like 2 in 1 thingy, and that was nice...
Ko ke yang buat entry ni? Apa ke lain semacam je entry ko kali ni ek? Lingkungan ayat dan penceritaan tak macam yang selalu ko pakai. Ke boil hidung akak ni buat akak rasa lain bila baca. So anyway, your mom is actually orang apa? Akak baca 3 kali but maybe I missed out the bangsa of your mom. Correct me pls. At the moment, I m putting you at the same level as Rick, so you both are not in the safe position rasanya ni.

Syawal, you may be 3rd after last week's assignment, but I must say, you're giving Intan a very tough fight! :)

Excellent way of delivering your points; good contents with hyperlinks as referrals, interesting anecdotes, great with different font usage/ text size and colors - these are just some of the things which I think why I liked your entry too. You do not have anything against mixing up MALAY and ENGLISH wordings together in your entry, which I believe can attract a lot of people to read too.

Oh and interesting to see how you managed to related week 5's assignment to your 2nd week's assignment; very interesting. You just made me wasted my time reading week 2's assignment first! LOL! Kidding Hun. It was a good read actually. But really, good that you have that method of making a new entry, but you related the new entry to your previous entry (ies). I think I should learn to do that as well... :)

You also used the color scheme to let readers identify your 5 points. Good. And you informed your readers at the end of the entry. At least you did, right? :) And the fact that you ended your entry with that touching poem (is it a poem? So I think it is...) - I can only say, Good Job, Well Done!

Siap boleh buat sambungan-sambungan dari assignment lama tu….bijak- bijak. Entry paling panjang among 6 of you. Dahlah time akak tengah stone2 ni, lagi panjang lagi bana kepala aku dibuatnya. But worth it lah, you are standing together with Noushy and Intan. But someone will have to leave kan, I m still judging and thinking. Hopefully it s not you.

Among the first to complete the week 5's assignment, right? Or is it, like, you WERE the 1st one to complete it? :) Whatever it is, it was worth reading it.

The 5 reasons you stated were like, to me, something normal. I practically said this after reading your entry... "Ini entry blogger ke 4 dah ni... points² dia orang lebih kurang sama jer. I must find something you diluar normaliti"...

And indeed - I GOT what I wanted. After you stated your 5 points, you started going around with stories about the "Cerita Anak Kepada Ibu" thingy, and then you told us about your "Pengorbanan saya sebagai seorang anak kepada ibu saya", which I have a strong feeling it's your personal story and something you should have kept in your personal journal or something, but no, you shared with all of your readers. A plus point there.

And you also listed out the 5 routines you did/ do to your folks, as part of your everyday life. True, like you said, I quote "
Cara saya mungkin ramai yang menganggap bahawa saya terlalu mengikut adat dan budaya zaman dahulu, tetapi berapa ramai kah yg ada melaku kan sedemikian pada masa sekarang??? Adakah anda melakukan nya??? *Tepuk dada, tanya selera*"

At first, I had that thoughts, but after reading your disclaimer about that 'adat dulu' masihkah dipraktikkan sekarang thingy, it made realize that I've neglected that part and thanks to you, I think it is not too late to do like what you did... :)

Clean usage of words, and I am amazed to know you're a Chinese actually... congratulations. You have my vote also! :)

So very the formal entry ko rick, boleh tak next time, haiyoh dah 5 kali tegur ni, cubalah jangan apply too direct inputs. Macam nak suruh readers yang sekolah menengah baca je rick! Masih belum menyentuh hati akak tapi I know, you are such a wonderful son, your mom mesti proud of having you rick. Tak ada ke gambo terbaru with your mom? Would very happy to see it if you have it in your entry tho.

It took me 10 minutes after reading your assignment to start giving out this comment... I cried. Seriously. Your entry was the one, meant to be as, "SAVING THE BEST FOR LAST". And yes, you're entry, was the last on my reading list as I follow the order of last week's ranking.

Dear, AL FATIHAH to your mother... I am seriously touched by your entry. You know why? Because you managed to make me imagine, if I were to be in your shoes, or as a matter of fact, in anyone else's shoes, who have lost their mother.

A great beginning, a normal '5-points-required' part in the middle, a truly touching ending...

Less is more, less is good... <- My comments to you, the shortest comment I think among the rest, and I refer that you have the best assignment-entry. Sure, people out there, might say "Alah, kalau guna point sedey sampai nitiskan air mata juri, dengan citer mother dah ninggal, boleh ahhh dapat the best entry. Aku pon boleh buat. Just buat citer make believe, and sedeykan readers aku, surely boleh dapat menyentuh hati diaorang jugak" - try doing an entry, which is meant to be sad, and touchy and all, in a fictional mode, a make believe one And compare that to a real-life-true-from-the-heart entry; You will get to see the differences... a lot of them!
Al-fatihah to your late mom. The meaning of word M.O.T.H.E.R, it comes from you yourself or you google it from somewhere. Doesn’t matter dari mana, but I like your effort doing it, place it in each para. Nice dude. Lea and I have the same marking bout your entry kali ni, Good job darling.

P/s UjangMD:: Saksikan esok keputusan penuh Assignment bagi Minggu Kelima. Penyingkiran peserta pada Minggu ini memang tak terduga sama sekali.. Nantikan Esok!!
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