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Blogger Kick Start
Tuesday, May 29, 2007
I really liked the statement that says using the blog as a mean of theraphy and a thing that she really enjoys doing. The photos certainly helped together with the captions.

Then when stating the reasons for others who have been eliminated, they were certainly very tactful and I believe would not hurt anyone's feeling at all.

The choice of one of the eliminated participants who should be in the final was a good one and I certainly agree with her choice and reasons.

I hate reading entry yang font kecik-kecik lah intan. Again, has Ujang told you bout it? Mesti takde kan, dah nak abih BKS, tahan je lah mata akak with this small tiny font. UJANG!!!!! (Im Fever Kak Red.. Sorry!)

Mungkin saya tidak akan menang, but I can give a tight, and fair competition to Syawal, Maliha or Katarsis (or other mysterious BKS-masuk contender, if there is one).
Play safe statement – Very Good.

You are promoting Kuden like hell man! Among other 2 lagi yang pilih Kuden, I guess you punya promotion on Kuden memang damn good. Thank god, there s no BKS masuk (Ujang tak ada bks masuk kan? Right right??). If there is, you are the one intan yang have to scarify to let him in, and I have to let you go. Tada tada tada.

Overall – I like your entry for this week, again. You are so unique, your writings – even in English, so sedap dibaca, new readers will definitely read it more than once. Believe it! Kalau dalam Fear Factor Malaysia, orang yang unique biasanya akan jadi peserta terakhir. Either menang or kalah penentuannya.

Contradiction is a word that came to my mind when going through the reasons for question #1 and after going through all the way for this week's entry.

Certainly lacking in consistency this time around despite being different in answering question #2.

For question #3 it was just an average take and did not really stand out.

In short, this entry felt unfinished or a hurried one and forgive me for saying this, it was bland.

Bila akak baca your long introduction, akak macam rasa Rick nya entry pulak. Cara penyampaian dan penulisan, looks similar with Rick.

Very formal entry, indeed. Sungguh – formality is good but perlu diingat, ramai peserta yang ditendang keluar before ramai menggunakan pendekatan formal tetapi hasilnya tidak menambat hati akak.

Lalu aku menunggu masa yang sesuai untuk memasukkan unsur humor….

Just for Week 6’s assignment ada unsur humor kan? This week’s entry, again zelo zelo.

Very direct inputs on the peserta yang dah dibungkus keluar. Harus budak-budak tu tersentap sekejap.

Overall - No standing ovation should be given for this assignment, but terima kasih kerana berhempas -pulas menjadikan this entry as a good one to read for at least, sekali sahaja. Not gonna read more than once, for me.

An interesting perspective on how to promote oneself without being too obvious. I liked this entry very much due to it stood out from the rest, presentation wise, that is.

He answered those three questions in a very diplomatic way and certainly was very tactful, which I believe down to the way they were presented.

His choice of one eliminated participant that should be in the final was thoroughly explained though I would have preferred someone who was eliminated in the later stage of the competition, so there could be more basis to form our judgement.

terlebih dulu saya ingin mengucapkan terima kasih la kepada UjangMD kerana memasukkan saya ke dalam BKS nih.

Who told you that ujang was the one yang masukkan ko dalam BKS ni? Ujang just sent an email to you kan yang ko dapat masuk, but was he the one who picked you to be the contestant?

Hati ni macam nak berderai tengok entri dia tuh... uhuk2. Bila saya kenal Hakim Red, saya dah jelas dengan style blogging dia dan dari situ saya cuba meng'improve'kan diri saya. Dari situlah, blogging skill saya di'unleash'kan ke tahap yang maksimum semenjak itu.

That entry was dated May 20th, which means BKS week 7, and also this week’s assignment and entry. I see something weird here lah Syawal.

The segment menghentam other contestants yang dah terkeluar, akak suka cara penyampaian kau. Indirectly tidak menyentuh hati mereka. Walaupun tersentuh tidak ada yang terasa hati. Harap2 lah ye.

Ujang ada cakap kat ko tak akak suruh ko besarkan font ko? Kalau tak ada jugak tak apa, but UJANG!!!!! AWAT KO tak SURUH DIA BESARKAN FONT DIA?????I TOLD YOU BEFORE KAN???( SORRY.. UJANG DEMAM) So syawal, for the last final assignment in BKS, do besarkan a bit yeah. Thanks.

Overall – big clap, this is a very good assignment, every week mesti ada perubahan yang kau lakukan.

Her beginning was good but then she began to lose her way when it came to promoting herself. I would have preferred her to write either in English or BM and not both.

Her reasons to be in the finals were quite objective and rather tactful though I would question further on how to gauge her honour and principles as they were not really apparent during the competitions.

As for the second part, she would have done rather well if she had been more consistent. She listed examples of mistakes committed by others in the first reason but failed to carry on for the second and third.

I liked her choice for the third question and the reasons that supported it.

I can see myself inside of this entry. You have the determination; you have the energy and kau suka ambil perubahan and challenges. One thing that I don’t like bout each of your assignments bila you have the over confidence thingy. Confidence boleh, tapi bila dah over, and when you dropped, bila kena paku kaw kaw, you seem to be lost control.

Anw, semangat betul ko tulis dalam segmen 1, akak rasa macam bukan baca entry BKS, tapi tengah bayangkan kau berdiri atas stage buat syarahan. Dengan tangan kiri kanan berayun. That s not bad, but good. Your people mesti harus tepuk tangan bila akak puji kau, cuba akak hauk ko, 9 kilo akak ko kena hamun and did you ever …..

Noushy – For this entry, do expect to get the lowest if it comes. But if you get to be the champion, do thank your advocate, not me. But out of 4, you are not the last – probably.

Editor UjangMD:: Pertama sekali Ujang mahu minta maaf especially pada Kak Red.. Minggu ini Ujang banyak missed about BKS ini. Kesihatan Ujang kurang baik. Ujang demam panas, batuk dan sakit mata. So wana apalogize pada Kak Red dan semua peserta dengan kecuaian Ujang ini. Hari ini Ujang gagahi jua untuk membuat entry BKS walaupun Ujang masih MC. Maaf sekali lagi.

Peringatan UjangMD:: Esok merupakan Assignment terakhir para peserta. Lakukan yang terbaik untuk final ini. Siapakah yang akan bergelar Juara Blogger Kick Start?? Sama-samalah kita TUNGGU!!
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