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Wednesday, June 6, 2007
At 2.45am of tuesday morning, i read through again all finalists punya final Assignment. Ok akak tak review 100% yet but after reading it twice, i can say for this final week punya assignment (belum kira last week punya esemen ye!!) goes to Noushy, a lady.

She gives detail about others. Very-very detaily. And the bottom position, tetap goes to a man, who? Teka sendirilah, he seems to be 'pasrah' with his entry actually. It's not a 6 days punya dig in, it's like 6 hours punya korek. Im not happy with his assignment lah jang.

These 4 finalists memang gave good effort on their assignment, ada yang memang salah fakta totally. But i can just forgive them for that. Im reading and judging for the whole entry not for the fakta yang salah sahaja.

Akak pun bukan kenal ujang detaily sangat...(matilah ujang mengamuk dengan aku ni kang!!) But elok juga buat entry pasal ini, so that readers kenal le-lebih a bit about ujang specially, kannnnnn...banyak nasihat berguna dari dema ni jang ko kena ambik, ha tu lah ko kan, degil
lagi cakap akak kau! (Aku geleng kepala jer kak, baca assignment mereka)

It's almost 3am, i need to sleep.

To all of you, not only the finalists, the advocats, the readers and the commentors of BKS, thanks for dropping by here. Terima kasih juga kerana sudi mencemar duli BKS, result will be announced donno when, i m still here in Beijing, i need to concentrate 100% for marking their entry later.

Final words for the contestants, you still have time to edit some of the facts yang salah tuh...i m not so gila kuasa or zalim sangat, setakat nak edit 3,4 ayat yang silap, it s fine for me. Do it...

How are you going to edit it? it s polite if you email or YM the people that you are talking about tuh if you dont know which one is that. I m just giving you a hint and help here..kalau malas tak nak buat, it s fine for me.

sie sie! Love from Kak Red

Kenapa akak macam very the motherly pulak entry arini eh? suka aaa..ko jangan nak gelakkan akak tau ujang, akak tengah good mood ni!
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